To Improve the Functional Properties and Nutritional Profile of your Products

Whether you want to improve the nutritional profile or enhance the quality, improve the texture or even increase the shelf life of your products, Nexxus Foods has the solution you need. Since 2004, our company has been dedicated to serving food and sports nutrition companies with a strong network of manufacturers from around the world and innovative solutions that respond to ongoing industry changes.


Nexxus Foods offers a wide range of functional, organic, natural, gluten-free and Non-GMO proteins.

Pea protein

Pea protein is a product with excellent binding and fat/water dispersal properties. This hypoallergenic  product is extracted from yellow peas, has a high nutritional value, and a protein content of 80%.

Rice protein

Rice protein is a source of natural hypoallergenic protein that is easily digestible, making it the ingredient of choice for a wide range of applications in health foods, including baby foods, nutritional bars, protein beverages and gluten-free products. In addition, rice protein has a neutral colour, taste and odor, which allows greater flexibility in the formulation of final products. Nexxus Foods offers various certified kosher and organic rice proteins with a protein content of up to 90%, and particles with a mesh size of 50 to 600.

Bovine collagen

Bovine collagen is a natural protein product obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen material from cattle. It is produced only from beef hides and is a mixture of type I and type III collagens. It has a bland, yet characteristic smell and taste and does not contain chemical additives or preservatives. With a minimum protein percentage of 90%, beef collagen is ideal for protein enrichment in dietary foods, beverages and snacks, as well as in nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Fava Bean Protein

Fava Bean Protein is an allergen-free plant based protein powder that offers a perfect vegan alternative to dairy-based protein powders. Fava Bean Protein is rich in protein and fiber and is excellent for bakery, meat, beverage and bar applications.

Mung bean

Mung Bean Protein is a product with good gelling property, good solubility and emulsifying property with high water retention capacity. Its excellent foaming property makes it a good match for egg replacement and its viscosity becomes an essential factor for providing good texture. Therefore, it can be used in vegan meat and vegan burgers. This product is extracted from Vigna radiata and has high nutritional value. It has a clean and smooth taste, with the ability to not overcome the other flavors.

Chia protein

White chia protein powder is a 100% natural product that is a unique addition to functional food products. This light khaki powder is a concentrated source of 35% protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. White chia protein powder is a super absorbent fibre that can retain 10 times its weight in water. It is also a concentrated source of complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. The powder is produced by putting chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.) through a cold extraction process, without extracting enzymes or solvents. White chia protein powder offers taste, performance and consumer appeal for various product applications such as protein drinks, nutritional bars and healthy snacks, dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, sports nutrition products and baked goods.

Soy Protein Isolate

Nexxus Foods offers a unique and functional isolate of soy protein that is specially designed for protein-rich nutritional systems, in which an easily dispersible and highly soluble protein is needed.


Nexxus Foods has many fiber alternatives that are perfect for improving the texture and nutritional performance of your baked goods, snack foods, and other products.


FructanexTM Inulin powder is extracted from the Jerusalem artichoke tuber in a natural process. The product is a mixture of short chains (less than 10 units) and long chains of fructose, linked together by ß (2-1) linkages, terminated by a glucose unit occurring endogenously in plants. This low viscosity product with high solubility is used for its prebiotic effects.


Nexxus Foods offers many alternatives on inulin extracted from different sources such as agave, chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke to meet your specific requirements. 

Organic Tapioca fiber

Organic Tapioca Fiber is an all natural plant based soluble fiber intended for use in foods and beverages as a bulking agent, to replace sugars and fats, or to supplement nutrition in existing formulations. It can be added to increase fiber content without sacrificing taste or texture.

Oat fiber

Oat fiber is a source of dietary fiber used in many foods such as baked goods, snack foods, cereal, meat and other products. It is an excellent choice for reducing calories, improving texture and increasing fiber content, water retention during cooking and process efficiency.

Gluten-free solutions

Nexxus Foods specializes in the distribution of high-quality, allergen free, gluten-free and GMO free flours.

Oat flour

Oat flour, made from baked oatmeal, owes its great reputation to a type of soluble fibre composed of non-digestible sugars called beta-glucans. The finished groats can be further processed according to different applications (depending on the product): cut, graded, steamed, rolled or ground. This product is GMO-free, with no irradiation, added additives or flavours. Oatmeal is considered to be safe for people who are allergic to gluten or gluten-intolerant, is easier to digest for most people and much less likely to cause adverse reactions. It also contains several nutrients and many health benefits. Oats have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and much more.

Hemp flour

Hemp flour is a finely-ground light green powder of plant origin and naturally gluten-free. Unlike most gluten-free ingredients that lack protein, fibre, iron and omega-3 or folate, hemp flour contains all five of these ingredients. Hemp flour also contains 5.6% of essential fatty acids: omega-3 (good for cardiovascular health), omega-6 (brain function, bone health, metabolism) and GLA-gamma linolenic acid, and is a source of amino acids (the 9 essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce). Hemp flour is rich in fibre (necessary for the digestive system), protein, minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine) and vitamin E, an antioxidant necessary for the prevention of cancer.

Flax flour

Flax flour is a product obtained from quality ground seeds that provide a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, lignins and other essential nutrients, as well as soluble and insoluble substances. Flax has long been known to provide many health benefits. It is naturally gluten-free and contains fibre, fats and proteins, in addition to various minerals and vitamins. These nutrients can offer protection against cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Consuming ground flax seeds helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Rice flour

Rice flour is a creamy white powder product that is made from ground white rice. This product is also free of artificial colouring and flavours. Rice flour is naturally gluten-free and high in fibre. It contains choline, which helps transport cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver to wherever they are needed in the body. Choline can help maintain a healthy liver.

Organic Products

Nexxus Foods offers organic products to meet all your needs.

Organic Pea Protein

Organic pea protein (Pisum sativum L, the vegetable part consisting of seeds) is a product with excellent fat/water binding and dispersing properties. This product is extracted from yellow peas and has a high nutritional value.

Organic Brown Rice Protein

Organic brown rice protein is an ideal vegetable protein containing all essential amino acids. The product comes from the Oryzasativa plant and is an excellent addition to products requiring suspension, such as drinks and other applications where lack of texture is required. Organic brown rice protein is used to increase the protein content in different applications such as protein drinks and nutrition bars, bakery products and snack foods.

Organic FructanexTM Inulin

FructanexTM inulin powder is extracted from the Jerusalem artichoke tuber in a natural process. The product is a mixture of short chains (less than 10 units) and long chains of fructose, linked together by ß (2-1) linkages, terminated by a glucose unit occurring endogenously in plants. This low viscosity product with high solubility is used for its prebiotic effects.

Organic Hemp Protein

Organic Hemp protein is an entirely natural source of plant-based protein, is gluten and lactose-free, and rich in nutritional benefits. It is produced from the mechanical grinding of defatted hemp seeds. No heat or chemicals are applied during treatment. Hemp protein powder contains 43% protein and is an excellent source of iron, zinc, copper and folate.

Organic Rice Milk Powder

Organic Rice Milk Powder is an excellent option for food allergies as it is free of dairy, lactose, soy and gluten. This tasty low fat, non-dairy product can be used in drinks, on cereal, in baking and for sauces.

Organic guar gum

Organic Guar Gum Powder is a galactomannan polysaccharide extracted from the seeds of guar plant (Cyamposis Tetragonoloba). Guar gum is a food additive used for its thickening and stabilizing properties.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup Solid

Brown rice syrup solid is a white crystalline solid with a sweet and strong flavour, and slight notes of butter and honey. It is made from the enzymatic treatment of brown rice using natural GMO-free enzymes that are filtered, concentrated and spray-dried. It is widely used to manufacture ice cream, drinks, yogurt, desserts, sauces, snack foods and candies.


Nexxus Foods offers different breading solutions, certified gluten-free, versatile, crispy and delicious.

Rice breading

Rice breadcrumbs is a breading system made from certified gluten-free rice. This product acts as a breading crumb for all types of poultry, meat, fish and shellfish. It is also an excellent bulking agent used to increase volume, enhance crispiness and infuse flavours. Rice breadcrumbs are available in different crumb sizes.

Ancient grains breading

Nexxus Foods provides several innovative, gluten-free breadcrumbs made with ancient grains. Breading mixes are custom-made based on the customer’s texture, colour and flavour profile needs.

Grain Breading

Grain breadcrumbs are prepared from milled rice and chickpeas. This product is a granulated breading with the flavour and aroma characteristics of cereals, and is used for gluten-free applications. No additives, chemicals, preservatives or artificial sweeteners are used.

Corn Breading

Nexxus Foods offers organic, gluten-free corn breading, grilled and crispy granules. It is made from corn, by cooking corn kernels and adding sea salt. The cooked corn kernels are then rolled and roasted. The corn breading is then granulated and sifted. This traditional production process offers delicious, crispy organic corn breading.

Gums and stabilizers

Nexxus Foods features a complete range of gums and stabilizers that offer you superior quality and performance.


Known by its Japanese name «Kanten», agar-agar is a red algae extract of the Gelidium species, with the botanical name, Gelidium sesquipedal. The main functional characteristics of agar are related to its fast dissolving properties, its great capacity to retain water, the glossy texture of its gels, as well as its unique thickening capacity to stabilize foods, such as in dairy product applications, among many others. Agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin, but due to its stronger setting properties, less amounts are required. Also considered to be a natural source of plant-based dietary fibre, agar is an excellent gelling and thickening agent in many applications such as yogurt, donuts, jams and marmalades, jellies, candies, cheese, fruit desserts, toppings, icings, soups and ice cream.

In order to better adapt agar to different applications, several added-value products are also available. Please contact Nexxus Foods to discuss your specific needs.

Guar gum

Nexxus Foods offers a Guar Gum that provides effective stabilization in different food products including pasteurized and UHT systems as it is highly resistant to temperature variation. It improves texture, imparts creamy consistency, prevents crystallization and thereby enhances the mouthfeel.

Xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is a fine, white to cream coloured, free-flowing powder, with a neutral odor and taste. It is easily soluble in hot or cold water, but insoluble in alcohol. Xanthan gum is used as a stabilizer and thickener in aqueous systems, which can increase viscosity, stabilize emulsions, contribute to suspensions and foams, and delay or prevent crystallization, and stabilize oil emulsions in water. In foods, xanthan gum is commonly used in salad dressings, mayonnaises and sauces. It helps prevent oil separation by stabilizing an emulsion, although it is not an emulsifier. Xanthan gum also suspends solid particles, such as spices. Xanthan gum helps create a desired texture in many ice creams. It also helps to thicken commercial egg substitutes made from egg whites, to replace the fat and emulsifiers found in yolks. It is also an ideal liquid thickening method for people with swallowing disorders because it does not change the colour or the flavour of foods or beverages. In gluten-free baking, xanthan gum is used to give dough a stickiness that would otherwise be achieved with gluten.


Nexxus Foods presents a diverse range of natural and intense sweeteners, perfect for drinks, nutritional bars and many other foods.


Sucralose is a zero-calorie, artificial intense sweetener. It is about 600 times as sweet as sucrose and 3.3 times sweeter than aspartame. Sucralose is stable under heat and over a broad range of PH conditions. Consequently, it can be used in baking and cooking or in products that require a long shelf life. Sucralose-based products are commercially successful due to their taste, stability and safety.

Rice milk powder

Rice milk powder is an excellent option for food allergies, because it is free of dairy products, soy and gluten. This tasty, low-fat, non-dairy product can be used in beverages, cereals and sauces.


Stevia is another intense, calorie-free sweetener that tastes 300 times sweeter than sugar. Considered to be a natural sweetener since it is extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant, stevia does not affect blood sugar levels and can be used freely by diabetic and hypoglycemic patients. For people with blood sugar, blood pressure or weight problems, stevia is the most desirable sweetener and is considered to be the sweetener of the future. Stevia does not deteriorate under the effects of heat, which makes it an excellent sweetener for baking and cooking.

Extracts and active ingredients

Nexxus Foods works in collaboration with various suppliers who operate with the most advanced extraction technologies to offer a wide range of high-quality extracts and active ingredients.


Nexxus Foods supplies a selection of grains (whole, diced, broken, etc.) that will satisfy your highest expectations.


Fine crushed oats are made from oats that have been shelled and baked. The end result can be processed according to the following applications, depending on the product: cut, graded, calibrated, steamed, rolled and ground. Oats selected for this product must meet United States category 2 standards or better. This product is not irradiated and has no added flavour.

Rolled oats are made from oats that will be shelled and baked. The finished oats can be processed according to the following applications, depending on the product: cut, graded, calibrated, steamed and rolled. This product is GMO-free, gluten-free, and without irradiation, added additives or flavours.

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